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7259 International Drive, Suite Y
Orlando, FL 32819

(407) 903-0320

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DR. Fouad Sidaoui DN0013169

24 Hour Dentist Offers More Than 30 Years of Experience 

The owner of 24 Hour Dentist has had this dental office in Orlando, Florida, for more than 30 years. Throughout the years, his dedication to oral health has never faltered, and he continues to help people with 'round-the-clock dentistry today. 

Emergency Dental Care, Orlando Florida 

The dental care at 24 Hour Dentist isn't just fast, it's some of the highest quality emergency dental care found in the area. Our office is uniquely qualified to correct an assortment of dental problems with a sense of urgency. We understand the importance of same-day dental service, which is why we make ourselves very available and accessible.

You may be enjoying a special holiday in the park, but if you suddenly chip a tooth, you'll want to see a dentist, regardless of the holiday. With 24 Hour Dentist, you can make a quick call, and your appointment will be scheduled in no time for the same day. Even if it's the middle of the night, someone will answer the phone. We are strategically located across from the Titanic Dinner Theater, making the office easy to find.