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Dental Care Orlando

24 Hour Dentist & Dental Care 24/7

24 Hour Dentist on International Drive is a dental care center, within walking distance of Universal Studios, close to Sea World, Disney World, Orange County Convention Center, few minutes from MCO Orlando International Airport. We are able to provide root canals, extractions, denture repairs, orthodontics adjustments, bonding front broken teeth and more, with appointments set up within a half hour. Just call the office and you'll speak with a live representative immediately.

No need to worry to have an answering machine our staff will answer your call day and night 364 days. 24hour dentist international drive is very close to your hotel. Our Emergency Dentist Orlando has over thirty years of experience we are twenty minutes from Orlando International Airport. Our dental clinic emergency is an expert in the emergency dental field. If you have a toothache we will solve it immediately. Our 24 hour dental clinic has an affordable dental emergency. WE DO IMMEDIATE TOOTH EXTRACTIONS. WE CATER FOR COWARDS PAIN GUARANTEED. Very affordable root canals, pain extractions. Quality combined with care 24HOUR DENTIST INTERNATIONAL DR.

Tooth Abscess Affordable Dentist

24 Hour Emergency Dentist provides you with around the clock dental Service 24 hours a day. EMERGENCY DENTIST ORLANDO WILL HELP YOU IMMEDIATELY AT AN AFFORDABLE COST. If you have a swelling he will drain the infection immediately, so you can return to enjoying your vacation.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Here at 24HR Dentist on International Drive, our emergency dentist, will do painless tooth extraction. Your toothache will disappear; guaranteed – affordable dentista.

Root Canal

Here at 24HR Dentist on International Drive, our emergency dentist will replace infected pulp in a root canal with an inert material. Your toothache will go away; guaranteed – affordable dentista.