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Emergency Dentist Orlando

Urgent Dental Clinic / Dentista

Urgent Dental Clinic

Here at 24HR Dentist International Drive, we strive to save the teeth and minimize the pain of every patient that comes to our office. In no time at all, we are able to drain any abscess, remove nerves, and get rid of swelling and infection immediately. NO NEED TO WAIT ONE WEEK; WE PERFORM ROOT CANAL IMMEDIATELY WITHIN THE HOUR if you call 24HOUR DENTIST INTERNATIONAL DRIVE.

You can also come to emergency dentist Orlando for orthodontic repairs of broken braces or wires. If a crown is loose, the 24 hour dentist will cement it back. Other services include fixing teeth that have been broken or knocked out, repairing dentures, treating gum disease (bleeding gums), and cosmetic services like whitening and Botox. Our dentist 24 hour clinic is known for its cosmetic dentistry. The emergency dentist Orlando is your dentist away from home.

Toothache Emergency

Here, at 24 Hour Dentist on International Drive, if you are having a toothache, it is important to get it treated as soon as possible. A toothache is a sign of an underlying problem with a tooth or multiple teeth. If left untreated, dental problems like swelling may worsen.

Treating the dental problem early will almost certainly be less costly and extensive than if the problem is left alone. Ignoring a toothache will only make the problem worse. Even if the pain goes away, the dental problem that caused it still remains. In fact the problem will progressively get worse until it is treated by our emergency dentist. Your TOOTHACHE and TOOTH PAIN will disappear immediately GUARANTEED. We are located on International Drive close to DISNEY WORLD, 10 minutes from SEA WORLD, walking distance from UNIVERSAL STUDIOS. Very close from all the HOTELS on INTERNATIONAL DR. 18 minutes from ORLANDO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT MCO.

Tooth Ache Emergency

Broken Tooth Emergency/Dentista

Broken Tooth Emergency

Here at 24HR Dentist on International Drive if you have a Broken Tooth it should be addressed as soon as possible. Getting the right treatment done can save your teeth as well as relieve your toothache and discomfort. 24HR Dentist will look after your dental problems.

Having a broken tooth means that there is a problem with the tooth itself. Teeth may break due to extensive decay, heavy grinding or an old filling. Whatever the cause, the broken tooth must be fixed immediately. Having a broken tooth means that the inside of the tooth is completely exposed and allows for bacteria to invade the tooth and result in infection. A broken tooth is also much more prone to fracture.

24HR Dentist will assess your broken tooth and let you know exactly what is required to save the tooth. We will go through the options and also the costs involved. We provide affordable urgent dental care.

Emergency Dental Care for a Knocked Out Tooth

Sometimes accidents and sporting injuries can occur. If you have had a tooth knocked out, place it in a container of milk and bring it immediately to our emergency dentist Orlando. We can still save the tooth. Do not wash the tooth with water, try to place the tooth back in its socket. CALL OUR 24 HOUR DENTIST IMMEDIATELY (407) 903-9320.

We will replace the tooth back in the socket, splint it to adjacent teeth, the knocked out tooth will not move from its place. Patients can go back to enjoying their vacation. We are always available 24/7. Try to come as soon as possible, THE SOONER THE BETTER.

Emergency Dental Care for a Knocked Out Tooth